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Christof De Windt – Belgium Police

I followed a course with Leo in Brussels together with a colleague and we are still bearing the benefits of this training. Leo showed us a proper and new way of working with Maltego and of course Social Links. This has helped us since then in many cases we have worked on. It didn’t matter if we were new to Maltego or already experienced, we learned a different kind of approaches and we have benefitted a lot from this course.

Chiara Talerico – Experienced Crime and Intelligence Analysis

I attended the Social Links and Maltego course held by Leonida.
He is a wonderful instructor and a very skilled professional. The course was well organized and I particularly appreciated the hands-on approach. I definitely recommend this course to everyone looking to acquire a thorough knowledge of Maltego and Social Links.

Peter Allwright – Forensic Investigator, Cryptocurrency Investigator

I attended the Social Links and Maltego course and was very impressed with the structure, content, and practical application of the case studies. The course was tough and demanding and included each student having to duplicate the case studies. The course is highly recommended!


Mattia Pacella (RSI) Swiss public broadcasting

The OSINT course was very useful in learning the basics of research
on the web through open sources. It is a recommended learning not only for experts in the field but above all for investigative journalists. The trainer was ere able to provide all the details to lay the foundation
for our future research.

Alessandro Chiara (RSI) Swiss public broadcasting

Three days lived “dangerously” between DNS analysis and Word mining! Leonida is an extremely competent instructor and open to solicitations. The course thrilled me and, I recommend it to anyone. For a journalist like me – who wants to have some more tools to go beyond the news, learning how to exploit the incredible potential offered by the Internet.

Boris Kartheuser -Investigative Journalist

I spent three days learning Maltego with Leonidas. And I could go on for many more days. I learned an incredible amount, my brain is smoking. Leonidas is really good with the program. Working with the tool offers me many new possibilities.

Albrecht Ude – Osint Researcher

Moin, dear Leo, in your workshop I learned so much, you taught so much, it was so enriching!

Marcus Lindemann – Osint Researcher

We had Leonidas Reit at CORRECTIV for a workshop on #Maltego. It is expensive and needs a lot of trial and error plus training. But after two days I am convinced that it worth spending thousands of Euros and weeks of training.

Roman Höfner – Der Spiegel – Journalist

Dear Leo, I am now in love with Maltego and that’s thanks to you and your course. I will probably do another one if you ever teach an advanced course again.

Dirk Fleischer –

Dear Leo, thanks a lot for this. Since I joined your training I am using Maltego much better and focused. It was a great experience for me. I hope you will conduct another Training in Berlin.

Ilja Sperling – Data Scientist

Learning the power of OSINT with Maltego XL from Leonida Reitano
at @correctiv_org . Great workshop with tons of tricks and insights. Much gratitude to @MarcusLindemann for enabling this.


Hi Leo, Many thanks for the very informative Webinar.
We have had some colleagues who have used Maltego previously and commented how good it was your webinar.

Wolfgang Helpa – Managing Partner Corporate Security Alliance
Leonid, I attended your lecture on MALTEGO today, which was great.

Best regards from Vienna.

Emilio Musacchio – Superintendent of the Italian State Police
OSINT and SOCMINT, illustrated by dr. Leonida Reitano, today they are an indispensable tool and a great help to the work of the Police. With regard to training, the structure of the course, and Leo teaching, I found everything well structured, presented in a simple and intuitive way.

Salvatore Merlino – Inspector of the Italian State Police

Assuming the great professionalism of Dr. Leonida Reitano, I believe it is appropriate and right to list the professional skills that the latter, through the course, passes on to us.
I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who wants to know and undertake the path of “Osint” research. In conclusion, it was an excellent course, clear and fair in time.

Marcella Binda – Senior Analyst Kroll

I believe that the Osint course is very interesting for those who want to acquire a good knowledge of the topic “open sources”. I recommend it not only to those who work in potentially nearby sectors, who will appreciate its immediate practical utility, but also to those who intend to gain greater awareness of the potential and, sometimes, also of the risks – of the network,
I was able to learn many notions on how to use this tool more effectively and, on the other hand, to discover how much potential it still hides.

Dario Luinetti – SELEX Elsag CyberLabs – Finmeccanica

I had the opportunity to participate in the course organized by Leonida Reitano on the analysis of open sources – OSINT – a methodology taught in the field of intelligence in order to enhance tools and methods of searching for information online. Leonidas’ knowledge and professionalism on the subject and above all his culture in the socio / political field were essential to make a technical meeting in an investigative study, turning the gaze towards the results and their analysis in order to define new research ideas. . Knowing the research tools offered by the network has allowed us to understand its true multi-dimensionality: Deep, Dark, Time!

Raphael Zanotti – Journalist – La Stampa

Dense, useful, stimulating. Having a new toolbox is one of the best experiences you can try. The Osint course offers unexplored scenarios and gives new perspectives to the journalist profession. For the quintessential curious like us, once you get started, it’s hard to stop.

Alfredo Macchi  – Journalist – Mediaset

Dear Leonidas, thanks again for your course, really very interesting and full of ideas for our work. I hope to be able to follow the longer and more detailed version sooner or later.

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