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The analysis of open sources – OSINT in English – is a methodology, taught in Intelligence Services, to enhance the ability to gather and analyse publicly available information.

OSINT uses various sources of information, including:

Media: newspapers, magazines, television, radio and websites;
Public data: government reports, financial plans, demographics, legislative debates, press conferences, speeches, aeronautical and maritime alerts;
Multimedia files: video, audio, photos and maps. In particular, satellite photographs available on the internet, for example from Google Earth

During the course, methods and tools related to the following skills will be explained:

  • Identification of names and companies linked to domain names. Bypass of WHOIS privacy mechanisms, analysis of network utilities to check network paths, servers, IP geolocation;
  • Investigate websites through Google’s advanced operators (Google Hacks) and specific DNS tools;
  • Analyze and trace personal and corporate profiles through the use of public registers: chamber of commerce, registry office, land registry, etc.
  • Develop context analysis and investigative reports;
  • Use structured databases for OSINT;
  • Use software tools for deep web and darknet analysis;
  • Use the software tools to protect your anonymity and to perform OSINT searches in a secure mode.

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