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OsintWho Should take this course:

Law enforcement or Intelligence professionals, Online Investigators, Risk Management Professionals, Military Personnel, Geopolitical Analysts, Corporate Investigators, Diplomatic staff and foreign affairs professionals, Journalists.


The investigative OSINT training program will teach participants a, methodological approach to design, setup, and conduct an investigation trough information from open sources. We will teach a practical, hands-on, training that will give the students all the skills and tools they need to do an effective Open Source Intelligence research and analysis achieving good, reliable results. Participants will return home with all the abilities they need to execute a correct Internet Search.

Workshop duration :

3 days – 18 hours


Basic knowledge of Information Technology and attitude to the use of IT tools.


The course is divided in eight modules:

  1. Understanding OSINT (theoretical and technical aspects);

  2. DNS Tools and Hacker Tools;

  3. Keyword Mining and exploiting all Google potential;

  4. Special Search Engines and Reverse Image Search

  5. How to get companies information around the world

  6. Intelligence Gathering with FOCA and Maltego

  7. How to make a proper Search and Collection Plan

  8. Visual Investigative Scenarios

Software to download and install

1. Foca:

2. Maltego:

3. Epic Browser:


Leonida Reitano

Leonida Reitano, a leading global OSINT expert, teaches cutting edge techniques and strategies for conducting effective online investigations.



Leonida Reitano


[email protected]

Ndr. All students need to use their laptop to attend the course.

$700 September 22 - September 24

Course Schedule: 22 September : 2 pm – 7.30 pm 23 September : 9 am -1.30 pm / 3 pm – 6 pm 24 September : 9 am -1.30 pm / 3 pm – 6 pm  


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