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Henk Van Ess

Henk van EssHenk van Ess answers your questions with open-source intelligence. He is an independent online search specialist for law enforcers, media, lawyers, fraud experts, cybersecurity, NGOs, and anyone else interested in the power and risks of online open-source information.

He trains NBC News, Global Witness, Buzzfeed, Google, Axel Springer, ITV, and Pulitzer-prize winners from The Wallstreet Journal in web investigations and social media research. He also assists lawyers in complicated cases, with finding new and surprising facts online.
Van Ess is a regular guest of conferences for reporters ( IRE, GIJC, SKUP, and CIJ) recruiters (SOSU), librarians, banks, educational organizations, or other groups that share his passion to find online information via lateral and literal thinking.

Some call Henk “one of the few real experts in the world” in online search, “one of the most creative” but when you say that to him, he will immediately ask you for your source. (Mr. Lehren, NBC News, LinkedIn recommendations). Tools are for Henk part of a strategy, never the goal itself.



Van Ess works for the Persgroep Campus in NL and B and is a visiting lector of Axel Springer Akademie in Berlin. He also teaches at universities in Amsterdam, Groningen, Rotterdam, and Brussels. His workshops are in English, German or Dutch. Henk is a one-stop-shop for setting up a professional open-source investigation Academy in Competitive Intelligence inside your firm, by training your own people.

Henk was till 2020 a highly praised member and trainer for the Emmy-awarded open-source movement Bellingcat and he’s an expert on geolocationg images, people and all that is related to geointelligence


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