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Bitcoin Intelligence

Who Should take this course

bOUILaw enforcement or Intelligence professionals, Online Investigators, Risk Management Professionals, Military Personnel, Geopolitical Analysts, Corporate Investigators, Diplomatic staff and foreign affairs professionals, Journalists.


Participants from law enforcement and government agencies (police, justice, security, tax authorities) can benefit from insights into the growth of criminal activity on the hidden part of the web and gain insight into cryptocurrencies such as the use of Bitcoin for money transfers, money laundering, and the funding of illegal activities on the internet.

Policymakers and elected officials have also taken a strong interest in this training in their efforts to develop legislation to tackle crime in the digital age. Others can gain insight into the threats that organizations face.

The Bitcoin Intelligence training program will teach participants a systematical, methodological approach to design, setup, and conduct investigations through open sources. We will show practical, hands-on training that will give the students all the skills and tools they need to do effective Open Source Intelligence research and analysis achieving good, reliable results. Participants will return home with all the abilities they need to execute an apt Internet Search by using Open Source Tools like Maltego, Buscador, OSINTUX, CSILinux, Chainanalysis, etc.

Workshop duration :

2 days – 10 hour


Basic knowledge of Information Technology and attitude to the use of IT tools.

Basic knowledge of Open Source Intelligence / Social Media Intelligence

An eye for details and appetite to solve puzzles

Internet and Investigation Techniques


  • Brief Overview of Money
    • Blockchain 101
    • Private Key Cryptography
    • Public Key Cryptography
    • Data Structure of Blockchain
    • Distribution of Data in Blockchain
    • Cryptographic Hash Function
    • Exploring and Investing Hash
    • Securing Hash Function
    • SHA-256 Hash
    • Blockchain in action
    • Hash Function Demo
    • Merkle Tree
    • Blockchain Ledger
    • Consensus Mechanism
    • Various Mining Algorithms – PoW, PoS, etc
    • Digital Signature and Blockchain
    • Blockchain in action
    • Bitcoin Basics
    • Wallet
    • Buying and Storing Bitcoin
    • Transaction Flow
    • Mining Overview
    • Bitcoin, Blockchain, Money Laundering
    • Dark Web and Dark Markets 101
    • Bitcoin in action
    • Intro to Digital Forensics Investigations
    • Cryptocurrency Forensic Investigator’s Toolkit
    • Setting up a secure forensic test environment
    • Creating Test Cryptocurrency
    • Understanding OSINT (theoretical and technical aspects)
    • Tracing the Suspects
    • Buscador, and OSINT Tools to investigate Facebook profiles
    • Buscador, and OSINT Tools to Investigate Twitter profiles
    • Advance google intelligence techniques
    • Bitcoin Intelligence and Forensics
    • Visualize the trail
    • How to get companies intel around the world by using OSINT
    • OSINT as Personal Search Engine
    • Profiling people and organizations
    • Live Demo of Bitcoin Intelligence
    • Real Life Case Studies: Financial Scam, Investigation of Terrorist Scam, Blackmail, Celebrity Identity Scam, Defraud Case, High Profile Social Media Account Takeover Bitcoin Forensics and Intelligence, Case on Sextortion and Pornography using Bitcoin, and Virus and Trojan Scams.

Software to be installed:

Students must come with a modern laptop configured with the following software:

    • Google Chrome (latest version)

    • Mozilla Firefox (developer Edition)

    • Microsoft Office or equivalent software (Open Office)

    • Tor Browser (The Onion Router)

    • Text Editor (Sublime Text or Notepad++)

    • Vmware workstation

Further setup instructions, will be sent to the students that will enroll in the training


Prakash Prasad, a leading global OSINT subject matter expert, teaches cutting edge techniques and strategies for conducting effective online investigations.

Course fee:

900 USD


[email protected]


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